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Strengthen your legacy through a mortgage fund designed for exceptional growth. With a strategic investment of $25k or more, access an experienced team committed to maximizing your return.
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Why Perch Capital?

Perch Capital presents a unique investment opportunity for qualified individuals focused on capital preservation and income generation. Our fund currently yields an impressive 9.00% in net returns* for our investors.
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*Mortgage investments are not guaranteed, returns may fluctuate, and past performance may not be repeated.

Precise and calculated

Engineered to perform

By leveraging technology, Perch Capital can service a large portfolio with minimal overhead. In turn, we can pay our investors higher returns.
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designed to protect

Holistic risk management

Strategic conditioning to protect capital and proactive portfolio management keep loan losses to a minimum.

Most private lenders lend mainly on property value and react to defaults instead of anticipating them. We fully underwrite the deal to ensure both the property and borrowers can service the deal. By monitoring deals through to maturity, we identify and manage potential risks before a default can occur.

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Why invest in
a mortgage fund

Investors buy units in Perch Capital, who lends to qualified borrowers in need of a private mortgage. Borrowers typically pay higher interest rates compared to going with a conventional lender for products that aren’t offered by major lenders, or for terms that are more flexible for shorter-term needs.

For select investors looking to expand their portfolio, Perch Capital offers access to a sophisticated mortgage fund that produces disciplined growth with a manageable risk profile.

How to invest

Investment in Perch Capital is offered exclusively through Tactex or AcreageWay, registered Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs). To invest:
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What is a mortgage investment fund?

A mortgage investment fund sells units to investors at a fixed dollar amount and lends this money to qualified borrowers through a private mortgage. Similar to conventional mortgages, the borrower is responsible for repaying the loan through a monthly mortgage payment consisting of the principal and interest. Investors in a mortgage fund like Perch Capital earn a return from the interest paid by the borrower on their mortgage.

Mortgage investing can take many forms, including mortgage investment corporations (MIC), a mortgage trust or a limited partnership mortgage fund. Each of these have a slightly different structure and tax treatment, but the concept of earning a return is largely the same.

Who should invest in a mortgage fund?

Investing in a mortgage fund is an opportunity for capital preservation and stable income generation. If your money is sitting in a high interest savings account or GIC as excess capital, and not required for day-to-day expenses, investing in Perch Capital offers a higher rate of return. However, unlike a savings account or GIC where you can start with $100 or $1,000, a mortgage fund typically requires a higher minimum investment.

At Perch Capital, the minimum investment is $25,000. There is no maximum investment limit.

Who is not well suited to invest in a mortgage fund?

For those who require greater liquidity and immediate access to cash, a mortgage fund investment is not recommended. When you buy units in a mortgage fund like Perch Capital, these units are not traded on a stock market and are subject to resale restrictions under securities legislation. Redeeming units require advance notice and will take time to convert into cash.

What kind of returns should I expect with Perch Capital?

Perch Capital currently offers a net yield of 9.00%*. To see our fund performance, click here.

Is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) the same as a mortgage fund?

While each has a different structure and tax treatment, the concept remains largely the same. Investors of a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) or a mortgage fund buy units and earn a return from the borrowers making monthly mortgage payments.

What are the pros and cons of mortgage fund investments?

If you’re new to mortgage investing, it’s important to understand the pros and cons and how it compares to other investment vehicles in Canada.

Benefits of investing in a mortgage fund:

Diversify your portfolio with a high yield alternative debt investment. There is no asset price volatility, since units are bought and redeemed at the same price. Historically, mortgage fund investments have limited correlation with stocks and bonds. For example, in 2022 even while stocks and bonds were down, with Perch Capital's mortgage fund you would've earned an 8% return.

- Reduce concentration risk. By investing in a mortgage fund, Perch Capital holds a portfolio of mortgages which reduces exposure to any individual borrower. Most people simply don’t have the financial capacity to do this themselves.

- Leverage deep industry expertise. Perch Capital’s mortgage fund team has extensive experience handling underwriting, servicing and mitigating defaults.

Cons of investing in a mortgage fund:

- Lack of liquidity. Mortgage fund investing can require minimum investment periods or restrictions on redemptions. It isn't a liquid investment that you can redeem at will. As such, we recommend only investing excess capital.

- Influence is limited. Management will not run individual deals by you for approval. As an investor, you rely on the mortgage fund to assess and deploy capital wisely.

- No guaranteed returns. Mortgage investment funds will communicate their target yield, however the actual payout will depend on borrowers making their mortgage payments. Perch Capital mitigates this risk by fully underwriting the deal and assessing the quality of the borrower and the property before issuing a mortgage approval.

Are there any fees associated with investing in Perch Capital?

No. When you invest in Perch Capital through a registered Exempt Market Dealer (EMD), you are not charged to invest. An Exempt Market Dealer is qualified and licensed to offer securities in private companies that are not listed on a public stock exchange. To learn about how to invest in Perch Capital, click here.

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