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Who we are

Perch Capital is managed by a committed team of professionals with a deep understanding of mortgage investing.

Alex Leduc

  • 10+ years in corporate finance,  analytics, real estate underwriting and mortgage brokering
  • Current Technical Advisory Committee Member of FSRA

Martin Beaudry

Advisor: credit + risk
  • 30+ years in banking
  • Former VP of Single Family Mortgages at MCAN Mortgage (TSX: MKP) and Equitable Bank (TSX: EQB)

Michael Myers

advisor: default + legal
  • 30+ years in corporate and real estate law
  • Leads residential mortgage enforcement for a Big 5 bank

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About the fund

Perch Capital is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC) that holds a portfolio of residential mortgage loans. Our objective is to preserve capital and generate stable returns to unitholders.

Distributions are paid monthly and the investment term is one year with the opportunity to redeem afterwards. Perch Capital shares can be held in a registered or non-registered account, including your RRSP, TFSA and RRIF, among others.

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How to invest

Investment in Perch Capital is offered solely through eligible wealth advisors.
Please review the investment options below, then submit your interest.

Managed investing

Who is this for?

Investors who prefer a hands-off approach.

Experienced wealth advisors have extensive contacts and deep expertise, allowing them to make calculated, timely investment decisions on your behalf. They typically charge a management fee to do so.


Self-directed investing

Who is this for?

Investors that prefer to manage their own funds.

Experienced investors with the knowledge and time required to research new opportunities may choose a self-directed approach. This option allows you complete freedom to customize your portfolio and manage your own investments.


What are the potential risks when investing in a MIC?

Mortgage investing relies on two things to protect capital: Quality of the borrower and quality of the property. We factor in both as part of our underwriting process to manage the risk of capital losses from arrears (borrowers not making payments) and losses (not recouping our capital upon power of sale).

What type of borrowers use a private lender such as Perch Capital  and why?

The typical borrower well suited for  Perch Capital has strong credit and sufficient income to make the payment, but needs additional short-term financing. Common scenarios include:

- Renovation financing for a project that will be completed in less than 6 months

- The sale of their home falling through, and a need to bridge the down payment on a purchase they’ve already committed to

- Retaining a low interest rate on an existing mortgage

While the reasons for needing short-term financing will vary, to mitigate risk, Perch Capital looks for a clear and viable exit strategy within 12 months.

Why should I choose Perch Capital over another mortgage investment corporation (MIC)?

There are two key advantages to investing in Perch Capital.

1. Technology: We can efficiently service a larger portfolio while keeping operational costs much lower compared to other mortgage funds. This enables us to pay a larger return.

2. Comprehensive risk management:
We consider the whole borrower profile in its entirety, in addition to the property value. This gives Perch Capital a more accurate assessment of the borrower’s potential to default. Most private lenders strictly lend on property value, which we believe forms an incomplete picture.

3. Better risk-adjusted returns: Our portfolio composition is comparable to our competitors, but our technology enables us to better price and manage risk. In addition to a lower risk profile, we pay distributions that are roughly 2% higher than competing funds.

How do I invest with Perch Capital?

To get started, submit your interest and choose your preferred investment approach. You’ll receive additional information and be able to discuss the opportunity with your wealth advisor, if you use one.

Is Perch Capital an RRSP or TFSA eligible investment?

Yes, you can choose to invest in Perch Capital through a non-registered or registered account. This includes an RRSP, TFSA, RRIF and RESP.

I already have a wealth advisor. Can I still invest?

If you have an existing wealth advisor, please ensure their firm is a registered Exempt Market Dealer. They will likely be able to access Perch Capital through FundServ, NEO or direct subscription. Your wealth advisor must contact to receive the subscription agreement. If your wealth advisor is not part of an Exempt Market Dealer, please contact us.

Can anyone invest in Perch Capital?

Yes, but the maximum amount you are able to invest will be based on your eligibility. The mortgage fund has a minimum investment of $10k.